Radialbohrmaschine RD 1600 NC Vario


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Max. drilling diameter (No.45 steel)    60    mm
Max. drilling diameter (HT200 cast iron)    70    mm
Max tapping diameter(No.45 steel)    M45    mm
Max tapping diameter(HT200 cast iron)    M50    mm
Distance between column center line to the spindle center line    350 - 1600    mm
Travel distance of the spindle box in horizontal (by manual)    1250    mm
Distance between spindle end face to the machine bottom table    350 - 1250    mm
Max. spindle travel    315    mm
Spindle taper    MT5    Morse
Steps of spindle speed    step-less    
Spindle speed range    38 ~ 275, 275~ 2000    r/min
Steps of spindle feed    step-less    Steps
Spindle feed range    0~300    mm/min
Speed of the arm up and down    1.2    m/min
Arm moving angle    ±180    degree
Spindle moving distance of each dial revolution    122    mm
Max. spindle torque    400    N.m
Max. spindle feed resistance    16000    N
Main motor power (Frequency converson motor)    4.0    kW
Feed motor power (AC servo motor)    1.5    kW
Power for the arm up and down motor    1.5    kW
Power of clamping oil pump for spindle box, column and arm    0.75    kW
Machine weight (without table)    3800    kg
Machine dimension (L x W x H)    2490×1050×2780    Mm

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